Hiring escorts is gradually becoming a trend among more and more men. It would help if you didn’t raise an eyebrow now, because escorts are regarded as professionals and are quite different from girls that are just paid for sexual pleasures. 

The services offered by escorts revolve around a general knowledge about what sophisticated men want and need. Aside from providing company for drinks and dinner, you can spend the most romantic moments with her. 

I’m pretty sure you didn’t know these five things about escort services:

  1. Most escort girls are more intelligent and smarter than you ever imagined: Contrary to public opinion that escorts are not so bright and only offer sexual services, most of these girls are highly educated and are even graduates of highly reputable institutions. They view dating you in the traditional sense of it being a job because it offers job stability, autonomy and a considerable income. 
  2. Rules govern escorts agencies: The escort industry operates under rules that are unique to each country, and this is highly noticeable in Germany, especially by first-timers. The legal status of escorting is different; it depends on the region or area. Escorts are held in high regard in Stuttgart, and it is vital to be conversant with the laws that govern this particular industry before engaging in any form of activity.
  3. The services rendered by escort agencies are very complex. While prostitutes offer mainly sex without care for their appearance, escorts invest a lot in their looks, getting fancy lingerie, hair treatments, makeup and accessories to enhance their beauty and improve attractiveness to clients. Escorts in Stuttgart are sensual, more romantic, and can engage in fluent discussions that help to create the right atmosphere for sex.
  4. Escorts use code words: To avoid legal consequences placed on prostitution, escorts do not mention that you intend to purchase sex. They are trained to employ different code words and phrases that imply an offer for sexual services. Examples include BBBJ, which means unprotected oral sex, CBJ, which means that the client has to use protection. In most cases, it is a condom and GFE, which means girlfriend experience, which includes flirtatious and erotic moments.
  5. Escorts are generally wealthy: Escorting provides access to an influential social class. Time is of the essence to these professionals, and men pay a whopping sum for their time. The average escorts earn within $250 to $500 per hour, and the highly sophisticated ones earn over $1,000 per hour.  Their earnings are no doubt above what an average individual in Germany makes from employment and services.  

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