When you browse different websites for buying sex dolls, you may come across a lot of deceitful sex doll sellers.  Also, you will find competitors who make fake allegations on the review page of a reputable company in order to slander them. Before buying a doll, make sure that you read the company’s declaration. To stay away from scams, you need to consider various factors.

Factors to consider in finding the right sex doll store:

Before you choose any store for making your purchase, make sure you check whether it has the followings or not.

  • Proper address and location– Whenever you browse a store for buying a doll, the first thing you need to check is the address and contact number of the store. Visit the ‘contact us’ page and see whether they have a contact number or not. There should be a visible address mentioned on the website. There are websites having only email id for communication and if you come across one such website, try to avoid that.
  • There should be a product description– Before buying European sex dolls or any other dolls, make sure that the product has a description tag on it. The details on the height and weight should be clearly described on the product. It should contain the details of the eye color, hair color, and size of the breast, depth of the oral, anal and vaginal holes.
  • The product should have genuine reviews– The best way to choose a store is to read the reviews and comments posted by the past customers. It is one of the best ways to know the functionality and product quality of the doll. However, choose a reliable website to check the reviews because there may be biased comments. For example, in Amazon shopping store, the clients can post feedbacks only when they have purchased it. Take suggestions from the reviews and choose the store accordingly.
  • Should have a good customer care service– A company is considered to be reliable only when it has a strong customer care team to help out the customers with their questions and queries. Have a talk to the retailer before making your final decision.
  • Check on the payment methods– This is the most crucial part before buying anything. Check the payment methods before choosing a website. There should be variety of payment methods like the company should accept credit cards, debit cards etc. Having safe payment options will allow to get your refunds in case of any inconvenience.
  • Too cheap is not good– Companies offering japan real doll at lower prices does not mean that you should but it. The minimum price of a doll starts from $300 and above. Any product below this price should not be considered. Look for a store that charges a feasible price for the doll. There are separate shipping and delivery charges as well. However, the total cost should be feasible.

Buy from a store that is safe for you. Ask the retailer to send you an image of the doll so that you can ensure that you have received the right product.

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