The world of online dating can be quite intimidating for a newcomer. There are some unsaid rules that you could make or break your chance at a relationship. However, the hundreds of possible love interests available at the tip of your fingers do open up your options. Before you find the right one, you may come across many fake accounts, robots, and just people trying to prank on others.

A solution to these fake accounts is w4m. W4m reviews accounts to find out if they are real women or just chat robots. Their goal is to guide you to find real women who you could be happy with. They make their accounts and chat with potential love interests for you to make sure that they are real profiles.

Dos and Don’ts of online dating

The following list of dos and don’ts may help you navigate through hundreds of profiles in the maze of online dating sites.

  • DO your research: before you step into this world, make sure you research about the kind of dating sites you want to join. It depends on whether you are looking for hookups or serious relationships.
  • DO put your best face forward: Put up an attractive profile picture and add clear pictures of yourself to grab people’s attention. Don’t just put selfies but put pictures were you are smiling or doing an activity to make you seem friendly and active.
  • DON’T pretend to be someone you’re not: Competition in online dating can be fierce but you must stay true to yourself. If you’re going to act like someone else online, you will end up on a date with someone compatible with your fake personality and not the real you.
  • DO screen for e-mail originality: There are many people online who try to sate many people at once whilst using a fake persona. They put up attractive profile pictures and send vague emails that could be sent to anyone.
  • DON’T give out too much personal information: you must let people get to know hobbies and interests but make sure you don’t give out sensitive information. For example, don’t tell your address to a stranger you’ve never met. Instead, meet at a public place for your first date.


The above are some tips that you must follow to be safe when getting into online dating. Beware of people trying to get your personal information.

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